Your skilled craftsmen in tile installation trade and mosaic in Hamburg

In all things tile installation and laying mosaic as well as natural stone and reconstruction work you can count on our longstanding work experience.


We’re part of the Hamburg chamber of handicrafts and our buisness is also listed in the register of qualified craftsmen. Our buisness specializes on exclusive builds, new constructions as well as older buildings and focuses on the areas of bathroom reconstruction, sanitary re-equipment, renovations of all sorts and reconstructive work in and around the house. In all areas of our work we rely on profound knowledge, longstanding experience and professional expertise.


Our goal: To find the best possible solution for every remit as well as problem constructions and implement these idealy to your wishes and ideas with our all around know-how. We will also take on exquisite necessities and unusual customer wishes that, when you see the manufactured results, will fill your heart with a feeling of happiness.

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Our History

1990 - 1993

3 year apprenticeship with successful completion


1993 - 2000

Work in tile installation and laying mosaic and a sundry knowledge in reconstruction as well as new buildungs


2000 - 2001

Seminars in buisness management training with an emphesis on construction technology

2002 - 2003


Craftsmen examination at the chamber of handicrafts in Hamburg in tile installation trade and laying mosaic with successful completion


ab 2004


Founding the buisness “Fliesenlegermeiste Meisterbetrieb G&G”


Since then our buisness has constantly working in that market.

With our well attuned team we are on a steady course of success and win new customers due to our quality work, swift dispatch as well as with our reliability.


Exclusive work are mainly conducted by the most skilled craftsman personally to give customers with an exacting piece of work the best possible result.

Gül comes - Good stays!

Our goods & services

Just to be sure! On sight measuring and consultation

You want to be absolutely sure? A personal site measuring with an expert consultation is possible for a call-out fee of 50.00€. You will be charged for this when placing the order.

Our services:

  • personal site measuring with an expert consultation 50€
  • bathroom planning
  • execution
  • repair work
  • kitchen workspaces
  • bathroom reconstruction
  • washbasins made of nature stones
  • windowsills
  • last-minute proposal preperation via e-mail
  • balcony and terrace reconstruction or redesigning
  • laying of click parquet and laminate flooring
  • general sealing like for example silicone
  • full renovation
  • smaller drywall installations
  • screed work
  • grout work
  • smaller masonry work
  • sanitary re-equipment (in cooperation with other firms)
  • demolition work
  • laying of electrical and heating systems
  • tiling of stairs, repairs and reconstruction

Price calculation without any surprises:

We calculate our prices depending on the complexity and without luxury taxes. If there are any deviations due to unforseen additional work or extra effort of work and expense, we will let you know before we start with our work and before those expenses can emerge. Only with your consent will we pursue these services.

Information about commitment:

With our offer we bind us for four weeks after proposal preperation.

Please contact us

If you want to tell me anything or have a request, please fill in the following form. As soon as I have recieved your message I will reply as quickly as I can.